How to Make (Almost) Anything

posted Dec 28, 10:11 PM by Brian Mayton

Monday, December 19 wrapped up the eighth installment of How to Make (almost) Anything, which is one of the MIT Media Lab’s most famous classes. (I was certainly referring to documentation associated with the class and the CBA shop well before I knew I was going to be a student here.) This is what the classroom looked like on the first day, before the application process took place:

This was my second time experiencing the class, this time as a TA instead of a student. Over the semester, I spent many hours helping students learn how to make, well, almost anything. My desk was a popular spot for circuit debugging and microcontroller programming.

As usual, the semester wrapped up with the students presenting their final projects. In just over a week, stacks of acrylic, plywood, and cardboard; bottles of silicone and filaments of plastic; and bins of electronic components turn into everything from boomboxes and tapdancing robots to 3D scanners and printers and automatic cat toys.

View the full set on flickr.

Thanks to everyone involved for a great semester!

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